November 30, 2018
November 30, 2018
November 30, 2018


Asian Platform Singapore

Luo Dan (b. 1968 in Chongqing, China) graduated with a Masters in Sculpting from the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing. China national, Luo Dan makes highly sensual and poetic figurative sculptures that compel the observer to take another look, for the way light can slide so lightly on the surface of the sculptures. 

While the sculptures at first appear serene, they were actually quite tense for the way each sculpture seem to want to contest with gravity.


CUC Gallery Singapore

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Nguyen Son (b. 1974 in Hanoi, Vietnam). He produces paradoxical sculptures. From a previous exhibition held in Sweden, 2016, “16 Coffee tables” each made of lacquer revealed stories about diplomatic relations between Vietnam and China. The use of coffee tables where objects are used daily by people in the course of communication seems to be Nguyen Son’s subject of expression acting as a metaphor of connecting moments. 

“Do not go gentle Into that good night” is not intended to be beautiful, yet the translucent raisins were visually nuanced by directed light. “The sculpture is about his human relationship, his investigation of lives it's changing moments and memories frozen in time.