ARCHITECTURE: Noisy Profanity at Notre-Dame
May 27, 2019





If someone has the Midas Touch, that person is financially successful in everything they do, (Webster dictionary). In Patrick Yap’s case, his talent lies in photography as well as in the art of videography. His favourite subject is to shoot people and to capture the chic, stylish and fabulous in lifestyle scenario. An artist and a musician well versed in playing the piano and an electric organ, Patrick not only has a keen eye in capturing his subject matter but a sensitive ear to composing melodies.

Traveling to exciting places steeped in culture, architecture, and history is his favourite past time accompanied by visits to museums and galleries especially in Europe and Australia.

As a Kuala Lumpur-lite, the metropolis is his backyard during his formative years and now he looks forward to more challenging and creative projects to be included in his portfolio.



Lin Ho is an accomplished professional photographer. He has specialized in the architecture and interiors genre for the last 20 years. Lin Ho has collaborated with renowned international and local architects, interior designers and reputable property developers. He is also a frequent contributor to international architecture publications, in both print & digital media. Previous book projects include The Straits Chinese, The Residences of HRH Sultan Azlan Shah and Tropical Garden Design.