SCULPTURES: Aznan Omar & Rudolf Burda

March 21, 2019
GRAPHICS: Teh Tarik with the Flag
March 25, 2019
March 21, 2019


Aznzn Omar

SCULPTURES by artist Aznan Omar feature everyday scenarios that people of all ages can relate to – humans engrossed in their gadgets, popular mobile phone apps and game trends, and even entertainment references.

His solo exhibition at the National Art Gallery, entitled “Humans and Gadgets (Manusia dan Gajet)”, depicts the interactions between man and gadget as well as his observations of current phenomenons through painstakingly crafted sculptures.

For example, the piece entitled “Non Face to Face” shows a group of human figures that are so engrossed in their gadgets and mobile apps to communicate that they do not talk to each other despite being seated together.

Artist's statement:

“This is a reflection of current social norms where humans are so attached to their devices that it has become part of our everyday life. Digital devices and technology have allowed us to communicate with many people at the same time, including those around the world. They were sculpted based on my observations of the community around me, the media and the Internet.”


Star Online-Metro News 30 March 2019


'Interaksi Bawah Meja' 2015 Kepingan Aluminium, perspex

pokemon go

'Pokemon Go' 2017 Kepingan aluminium, Pelbagai dimensi


'Digital life style' 2017 Aluminium plate, net. 91.5cm x 61cm


"Hanging Like Spidy" 2018 Aluminium 153cm x 153cm



TAKSU Gallery


Rudolf Burda studied at the School of Applied Arts in Turnov (Czech Republic) major of artistic blacksmithing. From 1992 to 1993 Rudolf absolved an internship in California, USA, after his return the Rudolf Burda Studio was established in the Czech Republic.

Nowadays Rudolf primarily works with glass and designs stainless steel sculptures. His works are represented in various art collections in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Holland, Great Britain, United States of America, and the Middle East. From 2012 Rudolf participated at various exhibitions and art fairs Netherlands, UAE, Singapore, China and USA.

In 2016 Rolls-Royce bought a whole collection of RR & RB and the chairman of Leica Company had contacted Rudolf and ordered a 5-meters-high commission for brand new Leica’s World in Wetzlar, Germany.

At the end of 2018 Rudolf Burda will participate in the most prestigious art events for emerging artists: The Jiangsu Art Fair and the Scope Miami Art Basel Miami, Art Bab 2018, Kingdom Of Bahrain, which will be followed by a personal large exhibition in the capital of Oman Muscat.

Artist’s statement:
“The greatest inspiration for me is the universe that is fulfilling my life’s credo of being the energy of the big bang, which has neither beginning nor ending. In my work I’m following minimalistic legacy and I am searching for the ideal and pure form. My aim is to contribute to the preservation of the old tradition of hand-blown glass together with developing and perfecting it.”